Who Should Apply

The School Law Online Graduate Certificate Program is open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university. You can apply for the entire four course program, or just take one or two courses to start (as a Non-Degree Student).

Superintendents: As the CEO of your school district, you have diverse responsibilities, from setting curriculum and purchasing new technology to writing district policy—all of which may have legal implications.

Principals: You stand on the front line, shouldering the responsibilities of teachers under your supervision and their students. You may establish polices and practices based on legal standards and be in charge of developing your staff so that they understand policy, regulations, and law. Understanding school law affects your day-to-day decisions in a myriad of ways.

Supporting administrators: Perhaps you're an assistant principal—or in another supporting role in which you counsel students, work with teachers, maintain academic records, or communicate regularly with parents. Knowing the law as it relates to K-12 education can prevent misunderstandings and possible legal actions that can impact your entire career.

Teachers and special education educators: Your job is tough, especially given the wide range of complicated issues students bring into the classroom every day, from bullying to child abuse to disciplining students with disabilities. Understanding the legal bases for the challenges you see daily serves as an important guide on how to properly deal with students.

Educational board members and other policy makers: Local school boards have been an integral part of the U.S. public education system for more than a century. Your board functions locally, but must act within the confines of state law. You often are in a position of authority, developing policies, rules, and regulations to control the operation of the schools in your district, from being authorized to purchase equipment to initiating eminent domain proceedings.